Meet foreign exchange student Daniel Huis in t Veld

Elle Shadik, Staff Reporter

Exchange student Daniel Huis in t Veld took his education abroad. He has immersed himself in American life in Wake Forest for the school year before returning back to the Netherlands to attend college.

Since exchange students can’t pick where they stay, Huis is grateful that he landed in Wake Forest.

“I already knew where it was. I think it’s pretty good because I have some friends here who also went through an exchange year, and they’re in the middle of nowhere, so I think I’m pretty lucky with where I am,” Huis said.

Huis has been to America twice in the past and had travelled all across Europe. Despite the long flight from the Netherlands to Wake Forest, he has transitioned smoothly.

Coming to America was made easier by Huis’s knowledge in the English language.

“You have to learn it in the Netherlands since third grade because it’s the second language, so I think I know it pretty well.”

Huis’s main motivation in participating in the exchange program was to experience part of the American education system.

“I didn’t want to go to college here, and I wanted to improve my English,” Huis said.

Huis is very involved in student life. Because football is not a universally known sport, he had to become aquatinted with the sport by attending games.

“I play soccer, and I went to almost every football game at home. Football isn’t that big in the Netherlands, so I didn’t know anything about it. I think it’s a pretty cool sport,” Huis said.

There are physical aspects about America that are strikingly different from the Netherlands.

“Everything is bigger, much bigger,” Huis said.

His fellow students are intrigued by Huis and his country of origin.

Huis said, “Everybody’s very nice, everybody wants to know about me, about the Netherlands.”