Fuller Howard Signs With Ferrum College

The senior football linebacker averaged 6.6 tackles and 2.5 sacks per game


Lizzie Kallal, Opinion Editor

After playing football for nine years, senior Fuller Howard celebrated a big victory by signing to
Ferrum College to continue his career as a student athlete.

“It feels pretty good. It’s a big relief to get to college, and now it’s time to work,” Howard said.

With a big support system, Howard was able to reach his goals. Coaches and family were a key part of his athletic career.

“They put me in the position to make plays, and put me in the position that I am in today,” Howard said.

Transitioning to a college athlete will bring new, stimulating experiences.

“I am excited about having later classes in the day and looking forward to practicing earlier in the day,” Howard said. “I’ll be learning and doing something that I love at the same time,”

Going to play football collegiately brings new experiences. But with new experiences comes new challenges.

“The biggest thing that will be different is the people I will be playing against because they will be older than me,” Howard said.

Social media also was a key part in the signing process with Ferrum.

“I had to put myself out there, like on twitter or by direct messaging colleges,” Howard said. “I reached out to Ferrum on Twitter, and they really liked my film, so I was then invited to a game. After that, they invited me back up for an official visit and offered me.”

With Covid- 19, the recruitment process was a little different this season for Howard. While touring Ferrum, he had to follow Covid-19 guidelines, including wearing a mask.

“I didn’t think much of it because it was required. It wasn’t that much of a problem,” Howard said.

To accomplish his goal of becoming a committed athlete, Howard never lost hope.

“I knew the player that I was and the player that I can be,” Howard said. “My love for the game of football, my coaches, teammates and parents also had a big impact on the player I am becoming,”