Raleigh Sports Club honors Cougar linebacker


Jensen Abhau, Reporter

Senior Jake Campbell is an accomplished student athlete and has played football since middle school.

In December he was honored as the athlete of the week by the Raleigh Sports Club.

“It was pretty cool. There was a lot of people there, and they were given out a pretty cool reward that only a few people get.”

The Raleigh Sports Club is a local club that over the years has grown exponentially in attendance. WCPSS is affiliated with the club by coaches from local high schools nominating star players that have shown their skill both in the classroom and on the field.

Both Varsity Football Coach Reggie Lucas and Athletic Director Michael Joyner accompanied Campbell.

Those athletes selected throughout the year can also compete for two scholarships given out by the club each spring.

“I feel pretty special, and there’s a scholarship behind it too so that hopefully works out.”

Scott Stankavage, a retired football quarterback, was the guest speaker. Stankavage played at UNC as a quarterback and played for the Broncos.

Campbell remembers Stankavage talking about his son and his many struggles.

“His son tore his ACL, and he talked about his life as a quarterback and getting his son to the places he needed to be, and things kept happening like his son got cancer,” Campbell said. “He talked about him and his son overcoming that as well.”

After getting a chance to speak with Stankavage, Campbell took away more than inspiration.

Campbell said, “We talked, and he gave me two of his books.”