The girl’s JV volleyball prevails this season


Ross Genetti

Kyla Hunter serves the ball in a match against Rolesville.

Austin Julian, Staff Reporter

The junior varsity volleyball team is currently 13-5 which included a 10 game win streak.

The team cites many things that contribute to their success.

“As a team we were able to communicate with each other and work with each other and not against each other,” sophomore defensive specialist Kerrigan Zambrana said.

Coach Cindy Joyner is also very proud of the girls.

“The girls give 110 percent every game and never give up. They support each other through the ups and downs. Teamwork is what we focus on every day. Our team motto is to ‘Focus and finish,’” Joyner said.

The girls have stayed “determined,” according to sophomore hitter Sanaa Cade.

“We are never giving up,” Cade said.

The hard work isn’t just in the games but also in the practices.

“We focus more on being proficient when we play,” Zambrana said.

This kind of determination is part of the reason the girls had a 10-game win streak. Sophomore center Emma Harris has a different view on things.

The team is “very encouraging, hardworking and aggressive,” Harris said. “It started with great team chemistry, and we could count on each other.”

However, growth is everything Joyner could ask for.

“I am proud of how the girls are playing. Every year we are continuing to get better. As a coach that is all you can ask for,” Joyner said.

Joyner notes one of the challenges of coaching one of the two JV teams.

“Every year is a new group of girls. We adapt each year with what strengths and weaknesses we have on the court,” Joyner said.

All the girls said how teamwork is one of the key aspects of their game, and that is also one of the things that they love about the game.

“It’s fun being interactive with another teammate,” Cade said.

Other players also have similar thoughts about why they love volleyball.

Zambrana said, “You can’t be successful without your teammates.”