Girls swimming takes regionals


Kathleen Cook

Sophomore Emma Isley swims in a conference meet Dec. 17. Isley scored the team’s only point in regional competition.

Jamie Calnan, Life Editor

The girls’ swim team pooled their efforts together and qualified for Regionals this past season.
“Regionals were a little unorthodox because we weren’t able to practice all week because we were snowed out. So, Tuesday through Friday, everyone kind of had to get to the pool if they could get to the pool on their own,” coach Justin Richards said. “But it wasn’t like we were at a disadvantage because all schools in Wake County didn’t practice Tuesday through Friday.”
Many new swimmers have joined this year.
“We have a lot of young, talented swimmers, especially with the girls, and I think that the best way to do it is to find some strong year-round swimmers who will compliment the young group of girls we have and to help them out moving forward,” Richards said.
Emma Isley is one of the girls who qualified for regional competition. She scored the only point in the 200 freestyle.
“I think that people think that swimming is a lot easier than it is, but the competition is like a whole different level at Regionals and States. People break state records and national records, so it’s not like normal high school meets. It’s a step up,” Isley said.
All athletes want to come out on top at the end of their season; however, a season is always a learning experience.
Richards said, “As far as the season goes, I think there’s always certain drills and certain things that you look back on and you could work on more, but overall I think everyone was pretty well prepared in their final conference meet, which is a common goal we all share.”