How intense will the Wake Forest/ Rolesville rivalry be?


Hunter Lucas and Isaiah Lindsey

Sports have always created rivalries among schools. With the opening of the new Rolesville High School, students that once roamed our halls are now playing on the opposing side of the field.

“I think it is natural for Wake Forest and Rolesville High to develop a rivalry. They are so close to one another, and many of the Rolesville students either went to Wake Forest or were slated to go to Wake Forest,” Tommy Moore, athletic director at Rolesville said.

With Rolesville being new, however, their athletic program only consists of lowerclassmen. With no varsity teams, the rivalry between the schools has yet to be fully developed.

“We are very young right now, only having freshman and sophomores. As we gain classes, we get older, and hopefully bigger and faster. This will make us more competitive,” Moore said.

After the first ever meeting, it was obvious that the Rolesville junior varsity football team  still had work to do, losing to the cougars 55 – 14 in a weather shortened game.

In the first soccer match, the Cougars defeated the Rams 8-1.

“It’s going to be a trail of a couple of years till we really start seeing a competitive rivalry,” Athletic Director Mike Joyner said.

However, Heritage was in the same situation when they first opened in 2010. So far this year, the Cougars have lost games to the Huskies in Volleyball, Tennis, and soccer.

If the Rams follow in the Huskies’ footsteps, they could prove to be threatening non-conference foes in the coming years.

Joyner said, “Will it be a heated rivalry? I don’t know. A lot of people grew up together and are family that live in the two towns, but at the same time I hope it can be a competitive rivalry, without being too fierce.”