Seventy-three or bust


Tyler Murray, Sport's Columnist

Chasing the 72-10 Bulls from 1996 is not a goal of the Golden State Warriors this season, but it would be quite an accomplishment. Golden State is currently 48-4 with only 2 losses when both Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were healthy.

They call them the “splash brothers” for a reason. They both average over 20 points per game. Thompson averages 21.3 while Curry is just fewer than 30 a game with 29.8.

The two are unstoppable. Most teams don’t have one player good enough to defend someone of that caliber, let alone two of them.

The main reason that the Warriors are so good is that they are very unselfish. If you look at the box scores after their games, they almost always have either four or all five of their starters scoring double digits.

It makes it tough to lose when the team has that much talent. If a team decides to shut down Curry, it’s just the next man up that scores some points.

When teams like the Warriors are so unselfish, it ends in the team getting good looks throughout the game. By the end of the 48 minutes, every player gets his open looks, which is huge because it gets rid of the “get mine” mentality.

The team has consistently stated how breaking the 72 win record is not the “goal” for the season. Of course, they would rather secure another title than the record, but they are pretty close to that mark.

They talk about how amazing it would be to accomplish. I personally think that they should go for it. It’s not every day that history can be made. This team is very special. No other team in this modern era even gets close to surpassing the Bulls. It’s time that the Warriors put an end to the doubt and prove that they are worthy of a 73 win season.

Golden State has just had three players chosen to play in the all-star game on Feb.  14. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson of course, but the real success this season has been from the forward, Draymond Green.

Green’s stats are sitting just below a triple-double per game, at 14.2 points, 9.5 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game. He has been the leading factor for the Warriors this season, being another facilitator on the floor that takes control and has lead the league in double-doubles this season.

The Warriors have all the pieces of building a dynasty similar to the Bulls, who are regarded by most to be the greatest team to ever play the game. They have all the pieces, and with the young age of the majority of the team, it’s highly likely that you will be hearing and seeing a lot of these Warriors for years to come.

Are the Warriors better than the 1996 Bulls? I definitely think so. However, there is one way to silence the doubter and prove once and for all that the Golden State Warriors are a force to be reckoned with 73 wins.