Results from the Statewide DECA Conference


Roleplay Medals (best role-play  the judge had in the event):

Cara Mack- Business Services Marketing

Nik Vashi- Entrepreneurship

Blake Connolly & Chris Guccio- Sports Team Decision Making

Kathleen Cochrane & Katie Noble – Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making

Test Medals (highest scores in their event):

Cameron Garcia- Marketing Communications

Maggie Strother- Hospitality Services

Blake Connolly, Andrew Conroy, Chris Guccio & Jenna Hawkins-Young- Sports & Entertainment Marketing

State Finalists:

Cameron Garcia- 1st place Marketing Communications

Andrew Conroy & Jared Hawkins-Young- 1st place Sports & Entertainment Team

Jack Isley & Emma Stern- 1st place Innovation Plan

Patrick Page- 2nd place Financial Literacy Project

Blake Connolly & Chris Guccio- 3rd place Sports & Entertainment Team

Rachel Cheeseman & Luke Green- 4th place Business Solutions Project

Hector Ontiveros, Alexandra Borda, & Makenzie Canaday- 5th place Career Development Project

Kaylee Dubois, Owen Geyer, & Elijah Rushing- 5th place Community Awareness Project

Anna Beckom & Colin Speer- 6th place Hospitality & Tourism Research Project

Sophie Padalecki- 7th place Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling

James Holmes & Justin Palmer- 7th place Community Giving Project

Cara Mack- 8th place Business Services

Josh Buxbaum & MK Hederick- 9th place Business Law Team

Connor Kitson & Mikaela Pearce- 10th place Community Giving Project

The following students earned the American Hotel & Lodging Industry’s Certified Guest Service Profession designation:

Mason Ayers

Edmund Buddy Brandtly

Kaycee Bumpass

Kayla Butterworth

Nolan Fortin

Alyssa Henault

Austin Talmadge

Maggie Strother

Sophie Padalecki

Katie Noble

Kathleen Cochrane