2019 Coverage: Our predictions

The staff presents our best guesses

Jessica Klarman, Staff Reporter

As we grow up and mature, issues aside from what we should wear to school become more important, and affect the way we live every day.

In the 21st century, many teenagers live their lives through the power of Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube etc, causing problems in society.

“In 2019, people should be more aware of the effects social media has on teenagers. Social media can make people think someone has this extravagant life with a billion friends, but that’s not reality,” sophomore Meghan Keith said. “This can cause people to think lower of themselves, and it can cause low self esteem.”

There are many issues that add up over time contributing to the worldwide issue of mental health.

“Universal mental health should be an issue on our radar because depression and other mental illnesses are conducted in high school commonly,” sophomore Grace Berkhead said.

As the world gets older, pollution levels are rising, creating new issues that need to be acted upon.

“Every day we need to be recycling and putting our waste where it belongs because our planet is not a garbage can. Climate change has wrecked levels of havoc on not only our country but the world as well,” sophomore Julia Conn said.

Senior Taylor Roth thinks it’s important for us to do our part in helping the country.

“People should be focussed on the economic issue of the country and doing what they can to help. As our generation gets older, the sooner we work on helping the economy now, the more it will help us in the future,” Roth said.

The way females are treated in sports is a problem, Sophomore Alysha Stallings feels should be addressed.

“An important issue that people should focus on is the difference between the pays and views, when girls play sports compared to when boys play sports,” Stallings said. “Girls are treated differently in the sports industry compared to how males are treated.”

Sophomore Colby Brown feels news outlets need to do a better job on keeping stories completely factual.

“Our country is already being torn in half. We don’t need opinions disguised as facts to confuse people even more. I would like to see more news media strive to have unbiased opinions and factual information,” Brown said.

In recent years, school safety has been questioned due to a spike in weapons brought onto school campus.

Senior Ross Genetti said, “The increase in school shootings has risen tremendously over the years. I believe that more resources need to go to preventing school shootings. If something were to happen, our lives are at stake.”