Students reflect on President Trump’s first year

Colby Brown, Staff Reporter

Over the last 12 months, Donald Trump has been the president of the United States, which has been very conflicting for many adults and students. Some would say the country has never been better while others argue that the country is falling apart.

Junior Gigi Rodriguez has a lot to say on how Trump has been doing as president.

“On a scale of 1-10, I would give Donald Trump’s work thus far a 2.5. He has taken multiple different laws and useful help away from Americans. He’s made it harder for women to get birth control, and is also very close-minded. He is sexist, racist and doesn’t stand for the lower class. I expect the next war to come from him because he can’t keep his mouth shut,” Rodriguez said.

Sophomore, Jack Isley disagrees with Rodriquez on the Trump presidency thus far.

“On a scale from 1-10, I would rate Donald Trump’s presidency an 11. He has lowered immigration by 53 percent, our stock market is at an all-time high, poverty is at an all-time low. He has created one million jobs in the first six months. He is finally getting rid of DACA, and he is willing to protect our country with full force,” Isley said. “I’m very thankful not only that he is the President, but that he even ran in the election. Who knows what horrors would have happened if the woman who is responsible for four soldiers’ deaths and 33,000 incriminating emails was in the office.”

Other students are not very fond of Trump and his tenure in office, but for different reasons entirely. Freshman Nathan Andreasen has problems with the Trump’s veracity.

“On a scale of 1-10, I would rate President Trump’s job thus far with a 3. One example of Trump’s failure as President is when he lied about attendance at his rally in Phoenix, Arizona and provided a picture of people in the streets. A quick Google search will show you that the photo was taken from the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade earlier that month. When he was called out, he continued to lie about it,” Andreasen said.

Sophomore, Lydia Mitchell thinks Trump has made many accomplishments so far.

Mitchell rates his job performance as, “about a 6 out of 10. He needs to fix a lot of the stuff he’s done, but everyone is acting like he is destroying the United States. Some of his accomplishments are unemployment, budget surplus, reinvestment, stock market, consumer confidence, legislation, supreme court, killed the TPP, border security, $100 million to Flint, diplomacy, government agencies and energy,” Mitchell said.

Freshman Destiny Melton doesn’t like how Trump has handled Puerto Rico after the hurricane came through.

“I would rate him a 1. It’s the way he lies and then tries to fix, but it’s too late, and then he tries to deny that he did something wrong. Recently, he said he went to Puerto Rico and he met the president of the Virgin Islands, but those are two different places. That was stupid because he tried to make it seem that he did something for Puerto Rico, but his lie didn’t make sense,” Melton said.

Junior, Hannah Potochnik does not think Trump is as involved as has he should be.

Potochnik sees the president’s approval as a, “zero because I see no positive outcome from Trump’s Presidency so far. For example, with the crisis with the hurricane and shootings, he doesn’t seem to be involved as much as a good president should be.”

Freshman Ben Lance is let down by the president’s statement that he wanted to expand nuclear weaponry.

Lance views Trump’s approval through year one as, “probably like a four, especially the part about him wanting to expand nuclear weaponry. It just made me disappointed in the fact that he wanted to destroy, to have that much of a power over everyone else. I think the government handled the situation really well because they all explained to him that it could threaten our treaties and lead to more war, so he backed down.”

Freshman Ashanti Jones thinks Trump should use his time better.

Jones said, “I give Donald Trump a 4 because he has all the time to post things on twitter, but he doesn’t have time to help the states or our communities. Because for as long as he has been in, nothing has changed.”