Wake Forest welcomes new teachers


Jacob Turner

Glendon Dillard teaches his second period World History class. Dillard was a teachers assistant here last year.

Grayson Parker , Managing Editor

With 12 new teachers, a new athletic director and a new counselor, not only will there be a change in academics, but also in sports.

Glendon Dillard is an old face in a new role. As a former teacher’s assistant, he has moved  into the role of a World History teacher.

“It’s been exciting being able to go back to where I went to school. The students have been great,” Dillard said.

Dillard’s roots and his favorite foods revolve around the area.

“I’m a sucker for Shorty’s hot dogs,” a smiling Dillard says while drinking one of his favorite drinks, Pepsi.

Michele Jones, special needs teacher, says her experience “…thus far has been wonderful.”

“I like the way majority of the staff and Administration have been supportive to me as a new teacher,” Jones said.

Jones describes herself as a patient, happy, easy to get along with person.

Although she was born in Fort Bragg, Jones had lived in New York for 26 years before relocating back to NC so her son could be in a “more stable academic environment.”

After relocating, Jones picked up a few new hobbies in our downtown area.

“My favorite thing to do and go in Wake Forest is to eat in the downtown area; I also like to go to the new bowling alley.”

Red being one of her favorite colors, Jones already has Cougar spirit running through her veins.

PE teacher, Morgan Cloutier has also joined the staff.

As a new teacher it can be quite difficult to get used to a school of our size.

“I’m learning something new every day, everything from names to rooms. It’s been challenging,” Cloutier said.

Emily Adams, math teacher, thinks that this will be an interesting year.

“So far, at Wake Forest High, all of my experiences have been nothing but positive and beneficial. All of the faculty and staff are always pleasant to be around,” Adams said.

A self-described “well-rounded educator,” Adams supports school spirit by cheering on the football team Friday nights and likes to help others.

Not only does Adams have Cougar pride, but also state spirit.

“My favorite colors are teal and purple. On the weekends, it’s red for NC State!” Adams said.

Adams likes holiday fare the best.

“My favorite food is Thanksgiving Dinner foods such as chicken, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, yeast roles, etc.”Adams said.

Many new teachers already have Cougar pride, but one really stands out in her pride.

“I like the size of the school because it provides a lot of opportunities for sports, clubs, and other activities that appeal to a large variety of people.  Also, physically appealing, I think that the building and school grounds are very well maintained.  This school stands out from other educational buildings in the state,” Cassie McLain said.

Brenda Atkins teaches French I thru V but even though she loves teaching it is not her true favorite activity.

“My favorite thing to do is to sit out by the pond at my house and play guitar with a small group of friends. I love going to the park in Wake Forest with my children and of course we enjoy going to the mall!” Atkins said.

Atkins has been a resident here in Wake Forest for 18 years but worked at Lee County High for only three.

“I really enjoyed my former school, but with children in school here in Raleigh and the expense of the commute, I needed to be practical,” Atkins said.

As a resident in Wake Forest, Atkins looks forward to the interaction she will have with the students and families in her community.

“For the past three years I have been commuting to Sanford. I am excited to be in a school that understands what a difference acquiring second language skills makes in our society.” Atkins said.

One new teacher is much more than just a teacher. Athletic Director Mike Joyner is also a Civics and Economics teacher.

“People look at me as a coach, but I like teaching as well,” Joyner said.

As athletic director, Joyner seems very excited to continue our reputation as a great school.

“I inherited a lot of good teams, good players and good coaches here.”